Some of our services


Our team of accountants & lawyers specializing in tax matters, ensure a comprehensive tax advice tailored to your needs with the proper planning of the structure of your company or business, minimizing the impact of the tax burden, optimizing revenue and avoiding potential future contingencies.


We have an interdisciplinary team of specialists in corporate matters, ensuring comprehensive advice on the design and assembly of their society, offering the most beneficial type of company for your needs

Accounting and Auditing

Professional accounting standards, audit processes and internal control procedures of the companies, are constantly evolving both domestically and internationally. It is therefore essential to have a suitable external advice, to ensure correct registration and disclosure of accounting information, and that in turn to identify significant factors for the audit process, identifying risks and contingencies in advance.


We advise our clients comprehensively considering the existing labor legislation, trying at all times to respond quickly to the needs and demands of companies linked to our study.


Work on the design and implementation of strategic plans, business plan development, as well also in the development of indicator systems to monitor both the different stages of existing plans as well also the economic situation of the company financial the macroeconomic framework of the country, within the global context.

Systems & Digitizing

This year we have assembled and shaped into a new apartment in the study. The system area is responsible for our developments and provide new technologies to our customers.